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Anonymous asked:

Why have you stopped updating? I was really looking forward to what you had to say about January 12th

Because at the moment it is just reblogging and I don’t have time to maintain the queue. I’ve done them all. All 365 days of the year. That was my goal and that is what I accomplished in 2013.

If you go onto the blog you can find 12 January under the January link on your right hand side. :)


9 January: Mittens
Bolt (2008)

You have a resilient spirit and are able to maneuvre both the joys and the challenges of life. With every setback you develop new abilities, and with every victory you surround yourself with more love. You are practical, witty, and helpful. Tough on the outside, you are patiently waiting for the right person to cross your path to share your affection.

Mittens teaches you that love never really leaves, it just shows up in different forms. She bestows the fits of sensitivity, courage, and wisdom.

Keys to your success: Knowing that an open heart is more powerful than a closed one.

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